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I forgot my screen brightness was up for looking at a few pictures during very limited computer use and have nearly killed my eyes for this last week’s posting with brightness too high. So, taking it easy or blogging aims this weekend. I had planned a couple of short easy posts, my daily 3 word challenge both days and have permission for a pic to share today and a regular archival pic reblog share from Motivating Giraffe every Sunday.

The plan was to get filling in my missing A to Z completion posts and pick up the inaction and interactions via my other blogs while it’s the weekend. The extended plan is just not happening this weekend, but those mini-challenges I set myself are, to be a bit easier on myself and not mess up my work routine.

So, having wrestled with the thought of taking blogging101 or Writing101 with next sign-ups, I’ve more than enough to do without the pressure of trying to keep up and ‘take part’. So I’ll go at that stuff slowly via the public task prompts and take my time.

I didn’t really learn and apply blogging201 well enough when I did blogging201 but I ‘met’ a lot of fantastic bloggers and try and revisit here and there sometimes when I can. Some of them are now challenge hosts and when I can up the pace I’ll droop by and see how things are going at their blogs and if I can land a participation link their way sometime perhaps.

Point of post, last as usual – remembering the first task of blogging 201 was to set 3 goals for my blog. So, thinking only this one (maybe applying to others along the way) –

  1. Be here and still standing with a month of daily posts using the 3word daily prompt challenge, maybe make better use of the reblog button for some mixed content and an easy and often attractive way of representing a recommended read of one sort or another, do the Saturday pic feature via artist’s url with permission; Sunday’s Special with a Motivating Giraffe – I’ve requested to pick from the archived posts as it’s only one click from the creator’s home page and recent posts if any readers visit that post. My other blogs have no particular aims set just now, Snailzpace Daily first – ONGOING PACED LEARNING SKILLS STRATEGY. (Might catch up the AtoZposts any next month with 30 days in … and try and make my slow and steady road trip round other AtoZ blogs…)
  2. Don’t know why I love this theme so much, but I still like my ‘rough workbook’ type way of blogging here. I am going to look into other themes and explore customisation potentials as I never played with this particular theme it’s staying for now. It’s not responsive though and I’ve seen it from my friend’s phone and it’s awkward having to zoom the page etc. But then it’s a personal rough workbook. The best of my content might be edited and plonked elsewhere with better presentation and a good mix of content in a co-author project… at sometime, no rush, no pressure, all snails…I exported my content to a test blog that’s been hanging around nearly empty since b201 and can try other themes there, in a relaxed and have fun type way, while keeping up with my minimal posting schedule, hopefully.
  3. Avoid blogging burn-out, ensure job security and not get sack for forgetting what day is and staying up blog-hopping; not hurt my eyes and give myself headaches, not cause negtative impacts to my health, hopefully. That’s more or less #1 repeated, but my brain just stuck.

I’ve got a special picture post to make next, with very few words in comparison, so that next. (Many thanks again for artist’s permission – link to blog homepage)

Then my daily 3 word prompt collection at very least and my response later for today’s regular daily posting…