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I have a

happening looking present

it happened, I made it

in super quick time

if I’d thought a bit longer

it maybe could rhyme

but there’s nothing quite like it

when taking a chance

presently playing

a happening dance

and in another lifetime

that makeshift shake box

might be wrapped by Christmas

with some unholey socks

(poetry usually at my poetry blog, links on recent or past posts, or on my about, but this might be a work in progress…)

METHOD: Take two handy sized boxes or whatever, tall tea bag type box ideal; grab an old envelope etc, rip it into 5 similar strips of paper; there MUST be a pen or pencil to hand… copy a word to each, HAPPEN it into a ball… place in box 1 (for added play value, aim and throw if you like;)

Now, with no LOOKING, close the box and give it a good shake … in the PRESENCE of music if you’ve a thing for percussion… having a ball, select 3…

GO PLAY at a post and have fun…

For extra special value… what you gonna do with your scraps? Well, now I’ve recycled, I have to reuse, so the second box is an archive… over time to reuse and in time to become a special PRESENT and prompt, with some other stuff, in a nicer wot-not.

how about appropriate… I love the prompt at the instruction page 😀

Or maybe it’ll be a mixed media collage… no idea what she might do it, probably the least expected potential!