Can I commit to three words a day for a year? Can I commit one day at a time? Will my holo-deck disintegrate the first day I forget…?

How could I not know what day of the week it is, having known earlier exactly what day it is? Luckily, I realised just before starting a mega browsing session to catch up with some belated blog visiting and posting, that it’s Wednesday evening , not Thursday! So it’s not my day off tomorrow…

So, making my excuses for not writing something more inspired to help me back to my blogging habit cos I got work tomorrow … all ready? No… I missed my reading session, thankfully, in spite of the disappointment …I’m getting off now, to have supper and get everything ready, or thereabouts.

Actually I wanted to do my haiku but I have got the weekend… and there’s a really good one posted to this challenge already and I bet plenty over at Ronovan’s where I had been hoping to head for. Next time then.

Thanks Col for the nudge and the easy access link 🙂

( Word choice: everything, ready, know, unexpected, tint)