Sanctions weren’t helpful to me, ill, certified unfit for work, appeal issues waiting and still expected to cope with JSA claim. Told they have ‘special rules’ while you wait for appeal by welfare advisors, JCP tell you you anything they like if you’re a soft target. How can anyone do the job? Other than being at the receiving end theirself or only having a wife or hubby’s income! I’d die before taking a job doing what they do, never mind someone’s got to administer the welfare system! A computer could do it if they weren’t rinsing the funds that supposedly paid for universal credit ready software development! And most benefit fraud is in-house, staff! You only have to read their online documents to find stuff like that out!

The shame of having to borrow from my pensioner mother with cancer for being unable to reach a food bank or collect what little local authority help might have been available. And I’m one of the lucky ones who could scrape alternative help and barely survive without state help at a time of extreme need. But only cos my mum could still pick up a phone to transfer money and I’d not yet  lost my bank account, still had internet that my mum had to keep paying for so I could order food online – no not take-away! value shopping delivered for incapability.  it didn’t help my poor mum much at her time of need either! (Pensioners also don’t get enough help – and especially when they are ill but their disabilities are seen as aging related…) ( I managed to still get housing benefit after hell of a struggle and only because i had proof of income source from my mum – bit of food in your cupboards and no-one for a prove-able loan you get no housing beneit for no proof of income!

Another disabled friend on ESA assessment almost froze and starved for 6 months coldest half of year with no ESA! Very lucky not to have been evicted and only have a huge arrears bill to pay. Her landlord preferred that to a void property with no tenant to even owe rent.

The UK government is disgusting for allowing jobsworth managers to bully staff to deprive vulnerable people so the state books can be well cooked while disadvantaged people starve and suffer – when will they admit how many died for their policies?

Rant over, not what I meant to post this evening while i enjoy a bit of blogging!…

Same Difference

The Department for Work and Pensions has admitted making up comments from supposed “benefit claimants” that appeared in a leaflet about sanctions.

The leaflet, which has now been withdrawn, included positive example stories from people who claimed to have interacted with the sanctions system.

In one example, titled “Sarah’s story”, a jobseeker is quoted as being “really pleased” that a cut to her benefits supposedly encouraged her to re-draft her CV.

“It’s going to help me when I’m ready to go back to work,” the fabricated quote reads.

Another, by a benefit claimant supposedly called “Zac”, details the sanctions system working well.

But in response to a freedom of information request by the Welfare Weekly website the DWP said the quotes were not actually real cases and that the photos were not of real claimants.

  The leaflet shows a claimant pleased with the outcome of their sanction

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