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If I’ve adapted enough to new working routine, maybe I’ll be hopefully getting back to blogging, though more minimally than previous efforts. However I have been telling myself that for weeks now. Returning to internet capability has so far been a waste of money for not enough use, so I’ll have to put that right.

Well, I’ve broken the ice with a reblog (previous post). Any blogging time I’ve spared lately I’ve only read and skipped and skimmed through the Reader and worn out before my own blogging efforts. I’ve a lot to catch up with too!

So, Snailzpace Daily is a good place to start, I’ll set a timer every evening – an hour for reading AND my own blogging to incorporate into my keeping myself at work routine and will be quite a challenge. I’ll have stick to the limited time or my brain’ll whirr and keep me awake and I’ll miss my lift in the morning and lose my job! Cannot afford that!

I wonder if by next Sunday I’ll have a week worth of new posts here and finally have found my missing memory stick for my next weekend catch-up tasks! Crikey time flies when you’re not even having fun! August! from April! Blimey…