Sincere apologies for today’s delayed A to Z post. A poor night’s sleep and an outing for a medical appointment (and fetching shopping with donated vouchers so have dinners for a few days, hooray!) – didn’t get to the gallery or visiting, too exhausted and over hopeful in planning that, never mind.

I forgot to pray for myself while praying for others like my poor mum having chemotherapy and an operation planned to hopefully remove tumour and another dear friend who’s ill and deprived quite a bit more than me. I don’t usually pray but have for my mum, my friend and others. I didn’t pray for myself but others have prayed for me. So thank you for all blogging-buddy-prayers for me and mine – I mean that from the bottom of my heart and maybe if there is a God, he heard, because had news that means for me AND my friend things will be hopefully improving over next few weeks as we’ve both had news that changes our circumstances for the slightly better. My  mum’s also responding well so far to her chemo although still very ill.  So again, many thanks, thank you 🙂

Back soon to catch up with my A to Z – not giving up just need a mega rest for a day or maybe two.