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is for Learning with the A to Z Challenge and for Love of Life!

Yet another vague outline post with nothing much to link to, but you LIVE and LEARN, so they say.

L is of course the Roman numeral for 50. As I approach fifty years old (in another three years) I’m not so much lamenting my youth as looking to the future, including wondering about preparing for old age. Livelihood is my acrostic poem today at my poetry blog and at my art blog I have Looking…

LAUGHTER is the best medicine (along with music, singing, art and creative expression!)

Apparently during laughter more air enters the lungs, oxygen uptake increases, and the alternating cycles of tense facial muscles and relaxed muscles during and after laughing help promote calm.

I’ve looked to two little books from my daughter’s book shelf while drafting today’s post.

From ‘Take Care of Yourself’ by Penelope Sach, ISBN 0-14-026261-X, I found the following:

‘He lives long who enjoys life and who bears no jealousy of others; whose heart harbours no malice or anger; who sings a lot and cries a little; who rises nd retires with the sun; who likes to work and knows how to rest. ‘ a quote of Shirili Mislimov, Russian centenarian.

‘LAMENTING YOUR LANK HAIR? …mineral and silicon rich foods…include oats, wholegrains, yoghurt, almonds, alfalfa, onions, kelp, avocado, corn, sardines’

‘LEARN FROM YOUR DREAMS… keep a dream diary…think about what your  dreams may be telling you’

…and ‘the LAW OF KARMA ..states that the consequences of our decisions return to us in some way…’

From ‘Little Book of Calm’ by Paul Wilson ISBN 0-14-026065-X

‘LEVITATE Stand straighter and taller … with an imaginary thread attached to the top of your skull lifting you a few millimetres above the ground. The higher above the ground you feel, the closer you will be to feeling calm.’



‘LISTEN FOR THE QUIET…the essence of calm’

‘TAKE A LONG DISTANCE VIEW …Your eyes are at their most relaxed when they focus on distant scenes – especially natural one….’

‘LOVE THE MOMENT …concentrate…absorbing every detail… taste…sound..colour…’

‘LEARN TO LOVE CHANGE…Relax and be open to change when it visits.’

‘ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH …if you see nothing worth laughing at, pretend you see it. Then laugh.’

Maybe back tomorrow with the letter M… b4ba1-atoz2b255b2015255d2b-2bbanner2b-2b910