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is for just about keeping up with the A to Z Challenge and not quite kicking K!

Kindness is my acrostic poem for today and introductions to Kubin and Kafou feature at my art blog.

I drafted some small writing earlier and forgot to post! Distractions of the internet and another online course that had been postponed unexpectedly starting this week, after I’d committed to these other activities. So, K is also for extending knowledge with online learning and keeping to schedule – only just.

I hadn’t noticed that there aren’t really any ‘k’ topics to use in my reference book and my outline just said ‘keeping fit’ and ‘knowledge’ so I’m winging it last minute while pasting brief notes made earlier!

Keeping up better – Good news is I drafted all this week’s poems for the A to Z and have scheduled those, so will have one task less each day to focus better on blog-hopping and other posts and challenges and have  abit of space in the day for this extra course I’m now doing. I’ll be trying to get ahead and schedule other posts too, to have more time for blog-hopping before the weekend as it’s annoying me not having enough browsing and interaction time.

K should be for Kicking bad habits – like overstaying at the internet computer while I’m provoking worsening symptoms and crashing within days… like leaving the washing up a week or more… like muddling paperwork and being unable to find things…

Kareer plan- that’s a cheat but revisit and adapt my ‘career plan’… is on my near future to do list along with planning ahead and looking for more online learning resources.

Keeping my internet is a priority and fingers crossed…

Keeping fit involves not only getting enough movement and trying to build stamina but also getting off my feet and making sure to get enough rest and enough sleep.

So, all’s oK for now and back with the letter L tomorow…