instead of beating myself up over this post I toyed with imagination for therapeutic purpose and been more busy than is healthy at my other blogs. I tackled the other blogs first and haven’t forgotten this one but need a break and to eatsupper – and want it on the right day’s publised date.


So, instead of the usual, I’m having a blog-share page today – or at lesat on this day’s page. No links ready to paste in from my notes until I get back to it. In the meantime, there’s about 1800 on the A to Z challenge sign-up list to choose from to look at – feel free to return and leave in the comments a link to any you recommend, or your own blog of course 🙂

There’s also my acrostic poem today, and my art blog posts here, both blogs also in the A to Z mega-marathon.

I’ll sort this blog-share page with links to those I’ve been enjoying as soon as possible.