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Hopefully keeping up with the A to Z challenge … but needing to HALT being so tough on myself and inflicting such huge workloads! Says he, always taking on extra, wishfully thinking that things like telling myself every day ‘I will be better’ will work like magic. I probably hopefully will be better but when circumstances are stacked to prevent health and access to healthcare it’s a difficult issue. I am not giving up!

Hydrotherapy – I don’t much fancy the idea of cold water bursts to improve circulation, I’m freezing cold most of the year even when the weather’s quite warm. It’s now reaching nineteen degrees indoors for nice Spring weather and I’m still needing two thin tops, a fleece top and three quite thick jumpers and still feel cold! I’ve been able to leave my woolly hat off though so that’s nice!

HEALTH HAZARDS like the dusty environment from a dreadful kitchen floor. I bought vinyl floor tiles almost two years ago, but had fallen on black ice, injured my back having landed against concrete and metal doorframe and doorstep and that injury has left unexpected upper back problems so will be a challenge. But the major challenge is the need to level the floor and seal it first. Really that’s my landlord’s responsibility – but they’ve said to just put the tiles down s it is and it’ll be fine – but they won’t stay stuck like that! I bought those tiles with credit that I’ve been charged no interest for having hoped that that purchase would encourage the landlord to do the basic repair needed first and be a simple task of easily laying self-adhesive tiles! hopeless, see! Doing the basic repair myself means meeting that cost too while I have no income. Other options? Moving house? With no references, no deposit, no money to move. Stuck. Hopeless! Socila housing application – and a ten year wait and possibly more or more like never being housed somewhere safe and affordable for being single with no kids.

Had hoped to do these posts somehow differently and not be here whinging!

HOBBIES – blogging is a hobby I’ve been able to take up since January this year and it does at least help to feel I’m achieving something, however pointless it seems! I am learning and improving my skills (I think!) I made a doodle Tuesday but have tech issues to resolve to find out why my camera’s not recognising on my computer to upload any new pictures. That’s a nuisance because my art blog posts were depending on photographing some of my friends artwork and I can’t share those pictures for those posts until I sort that. That means trawling through the stuff I have on my computer that I uploaded previously which takes me ages and changing what I’d planned to include. Now I’m waffling – or I am throughout this post! I’ve been reading a little during rests, but not having enough of those and usually needing to sleep when I do. Here online too much too and avoiding the rest I really need even when racked in pain and my feet so swelling that I can’t get shoes on my feet. (Standing to type and use computer as can’t sit). Helping myself well? This outline plan for this challenge isn’t at all how I envisaged! I’m not ahead at all, now I’m behind, here on the day slapping whatever at a page vaguely fits…

I was going to look into HUMANISTIC psychology but can’t be bothered, to be HONEST, so bringing myself to a HALT here 😀

whoops! home-baking in title… don’t do much of that – made soda bread yesterday – very filling, not as cheap as a cheap loaf of bread for electric costs to bake it but no yeast and less digestive upset and neurological pain for not eating commercial bread. Might make some milk-free scones or biscuits – as being hopeless I messed up my shopping order by forgetting the fee they charge when you place your order and then refund after delivery. So  the transaction failing for want of less than a pound to cover the bill, a necessary trip to nearest shop for immediate essentials and hey presto, having to spend more money on less things than from the supermarket and no money left for a week’s shopping and no fish and chips for a dinner after all. A week’s diet of soda bread, cous-cous, one dinner’s worth of soya mince and spaghetti and a couple of helpings of porridge left – so I won’t starve yet and still have enough flour, sugar and marg to try and make something with more home-baking! Luckily there’s some mixed spice and some cinnamon from when my duaghter lived with me! At the back of the cupboard was some forgotten out of date chopped dates and dessicated coconut so assuming they’ll be ok baked (BBE 2010 and 2011!) Home baking ahoy!

That reminds me, I keep forgetting my daily visit to click at the Hunger website, millions of people in the world are far more hungry than I am, please take a moment to visit the site, every visitor click helps provide food for the world’s severely impoverished and costs the visitor nothing but a few moments of time 🙂

Tomorrow, I…