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is for Going Easy on myself with the A to Z challenge even if it’s not what it looks like with three blogs on the go for it and a fourth ‘creative writing’ blog free for writing 101 and also some autono-A-Zing antedote…

Goal-setting: goal-setting while there are barriers to taking up self-help strategies make things a bit difficult. I’m not getting carried away in this post running along ideas, it’s a note to self, to set realistic goals. Not started any excercise strategy yet other than rotating ankles and flexing feet and usual movement breaks away from standing at computer but a bit more fresh air and sunshine. Gradually, I’ll get there. Any blog-hopping days I’m overdoing things fine but my feet etc aren’t thanking me and I’m not getting the rest I should. BUT I’m getting along ok-ish and enjoying it even with the added exhaustion. May is likely Spring cleaning month and maybe by then I won’t still need six or seven layers of upper clothing and be able to get about a bit better.

Hopefully won’t be crashing although I should get to bed earlier and be up earlier in day as a result. Grinds me down either way round to either be able to get up early – I do prefrer getting up with the sun – but then I have to get to bed by 6 or 7 in the evening for twelve hours sleep. With CoQ10 I can manage with a normal amount of sleep, maybe eight or nine hours a day. It’s a shame it’s not considered medicine and available on the NHS as a preventative health measure – or at least accepted as a valid medical cost for the need for more than sanction rate JSA as the best I can hope for only when I can get back out to sign on!

Griping again! Goal One: gripe less! Good old ole folk get on with the day with far less grimacing and groaning so I’d better start practising the GAP – Geriatric Action Plan! lol, it’s probably not that bad but my ankles are looking like a seventy year olds and that is a bit of a worry. Gola two: Getting old while staying young enough! Goal three, get out and see my grandkids!

Garlic has health benefits too, not only for antibiotic / antiseptic type properties but beneficial for circulatory health. It also triggers something in the brain when eaten raw that helps regulate the heart and maybe helps prevent heart attacks as well aswarding off vampires of course. I forgot to order some with my online shopping, grrr! Groceries though, just the nearest to veg available is canned garden peas and baked beans, so, thanks government for my previous handouts and getting me off the dole at last! Great stuff!

Other things to consider in my skeleton outline, I’m saving them for another day under an alternative letter or I might gradually run out of options – I wish now I’d got comfy with  with 26 pieces of scrap paper and worked it out and shuffled things about but never mind, there’s still time… letter seven, day eight and still going off the rails but not over the edge with this A to Z challenge – some great blogs out there and getting to interact with people is a good thing… so, for H, the 8th official A to Z challenge posting day, rather than harp on some more health strategies I’m gonna get my notes and links together and have a blog-share day instead (including Bloggiesta before this cos I’m behind with that goal) then that will stop grating on my mind between generating so many posts and all this hopping won’t be in that grey area of going nowhere fast… Goodbye for now 😀