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is for Forward-planning with the A to Z Challenge:

F is for FREE-WRITING my way through these posts from minimal notes and not ahead yet but hoping to get there sometime in the near future. If I do this challenge next year, I’m not doing it as a last-minute spontaneous decision and I’ll be scheduling planning from New Year! NB: all links open in the same window for visually impaired reader access – but it doesn’t say ‘click here’ in my text so I need I to seek further advice regarding accessibility provision! Also , links open to google search pages for terms used in my text and I am not recommending individual websites nor responsible for external content or quality of information.

F is for Figuring out  a Framework – and for paying attention to my bodily FRAME, perhaps with the Feldenkrais Method – or at least the pelvic clock excercise, to see if it helps with my coccyx problem.

F is for finding a way to work and finding food so I can plan my dietary intake based on meeting nutritional needs rather than as much food for as little as possible money to keep surviving as long as possible, feed the dog and keep electric enough on my prepayment meter and pay my internet bill, or ther’ll be no hope of finding work ever!

F is for a bit F’d off with flippin’ circumstances – but forever feeling and never forgetting there are so many millions worse off in the world.

F is forgetfulness and finding ways of remembering.

F is foot care – and my feet and lower legs keep swelling up with blood pooling after standing for a couple of hours, even though I move around plenty, but I can’t sit down or I can’t walk for coccyx ballooning! I also get severe upper back pain flare (circulatory) as well as severe and painful frozen shoulder (acupressure techniques /movement are said to help) and increased problems with ‘Fibrosis‘ as my doctor calls it – so, finking, why with a ‘confirmed diagnosis’ of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, if I also have ‘fibrosis’ why have I not got a diagnosis, referral or treatment for fibromyalgia? … oh, a google search clarifies that issue, but I’ve had no tests and wonder what he means or how he finks he knows!)

…and will there ever be Fairness in the UK health and social care / welfare system to enable Fitness for work?

F is for Flying in Fought with more free-writing and less floundering (and maybe flight or fight…)

Finally, F is for FUN and filling up with fanciful F’in words! lol … you might enjoy my A to Z challenge free ‘autono-A-Z-ing antedote’ writings created during this challenge …and I should go FISHING for soup more often and should have explained my ‘writing style’ is sometimes a brand of finxion, but here it’s fact, unfortunately – and remembering how fortunate I really am so far… if you’d like to find out more about ‘fishing for soup’ visit my art blog here.

F is for facing facts and finding faith…whenever I switch to an Asian radio station, even though I can’t understand the language mostly … my dog immediately switches mood too and settles, amazing, though she also enjoys classical music… F is for FLOWER with my acrostic poem for today at my poetry blog.

So, back tomorrow with a G-whizz of a getting it together sometime eventually snailzpace style A to Z challenge G topic…Grrr-eat stuff 🙂