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is for Easter Bank Holiday day off with the A to Z Challenge:

I’ve had to work too hard on Easter Sunday to make too much EFFORT with this post! Personal self-help for health endurance challenge rules suggests taking it EASY for a change – and with an EGGSTRA commitment with a writing 101 prompt task to ENJOY 😀 Besides, looking in my notes for outline topics, I have eyesight, energy, eating and excercise all of which have been mentioned already and not much point repeating stuff for the sake of an extensive post.

So, other than Enjoyment and Easter, which aren’t really health or personal development topics, my topics to consider for this E-day, are EMPLOYABILITY and EDUCATION (the latter not really being adequately met with a writing practise course but with enough on my plate at the minute, I’ll be looking ahead to other home-based training / education possibilities.)

EMPLOYABILITY is a tricky one…  reliability is needed to obtain and keep a job. Self-EMPLOYMENT is something to research for a potential part-time housebound work option, but not being a maker myself and not having a viable product or service … and all my creative friends are as ill and unreliable as me or moreso – we’re all in debt with no savings or capital and nothing worth selling to raise money to start self-employment…

So, EXPANDING Horizons at some point and some time EVENTUALLY.

My acrostic poem for today is a hopeful ENABLE ENABLE and my A to Z artsy blog-post isn’t excused a proper effort, so not entirely lazing-it-away

EXCUSING myself here for Easter, hope you’re having a Happy Day. The END 😀