Starting to get used to how long to allow for different types of blog post, by having to do so many with three signed up for A to Z challenge. Still, it’s surprising how long sorting through pictures for a blog post takes, even when they’re sourced from my own image files rather than browsing online for images.

I nearly missed Easter altogether, if it hadn’t been for blogging and receiving a message notification in my WordPress screen I wouldn’t have noticed. So I’ve missed sending cards and had to send text messages instead. No cash for grandkids chocolate so I’ll be in bad books with their mothers (their mothers being my son’s girlfriend and ex-girlfriend).

So my Monday plans are out the window because it’s Bank Holiday and my urgent phone calls have to wait for office re-opening. That’s a bit of a nuisance but might teach me not to put things off – I should’ve tackled them last week!

As if I need another commitment I signed for writing 101, even though the prompts aren’t ever so inspiring, so something else to keep up with. I’m using my one free blog that’s not in A to Z for that ‘course’.

So far I’ve a sketchy outline for next week’s A to Z posts and only one poem scheduled ahead. I had hoped to be better prepared than that but spent most of today catching up on my art blog’s D post as too drained yesterday and no light by evening with a blown bulb. Couldn’t be bothered to fetch a lamp downstairs and gave up to go to bed early and slept a whole fourteen hours before getting up and starting the madcap marathon effort again! Including adding a Sunday Special/summary post at that art blog, taking an unplanned couple of hours out of the day.

So, onward with sorting and scheduling some more posts and maybe getting ahead day by day, one step at a time… Snailzpace as usual…