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    D-Day, and DIY-health with the A to Z Challenge:

D is for DAILY DISCIPLINE and DIRECTION (sticking to a plan!)

DISCIPLINE needs more work! So far, been too busy keeping up with marathon blogging tasks to take onboard most of my own advice to myself so far! As expected! This is just an outline to bear in mind…Too DRAINED to get on with any spring-cleaning yet, maybe waiting for better weather, it’s still been quite bleak!

Do-in, is pronounced ‘dough-in’. It’s closely related to shiatsu, both ancient Chinese forms of therapy, although shiatsu is applied massage, do-in is a form of exercise that stretches and internally massages organs. It is said to strengthen meridians / energy channels to improve health. It’s apparently stimulating when performed in the morning after waking and relaxing when done in the evening. As with all exercise, warm-up movements are advised before starting the exercise and not to be done after eating. Some of the excercises require suppleness already although would maybe improve with practise, but others are more easily performed and there are six basic excercises – apparently age and infirmity are not prohibitive although seeking a doctor’s advice may be advisable before taking up any new form of exercise.

DANCE – I would love to be able to dance and when more well I perhaps will! A few minutes movement to music is a good measure of impacts of exercise and can also be used for general stretching and keeping supple. In the meantime, dancing with words on a page isn’t out of the question so I’m grateful for that…

Do-in Dance is my acrostic poem offering for today’s A to Z piece at my poetry blog

D is for DINNER and DIET and DIGESTION – Dinner daily will be really nice when affordable! When that’s the case diet and digestion need careful attention. In some ways less availability of food has meant some symptoms have reduced – less arthritis swelling for one, which suggests food intolerance/sensitivity. DAIRY food perhaps being one of main triggers. Unfortunately, having to eat bread more than usual for lack of viable alternatives and needing to fill up somehow and on the cheap and cheerful have resulted in other symptoms worsening. Soda bread is  a nice easy to make yeast-free alternative, I’ll share my recipe tomorrow when I dig my cook-book out to make some while some flour needs using and still enough sugar and powdered milk. So, when more food is available, some points to bear in mind for DIETARY DECISIONS…

D is for DOING DIRTY DISHES DIRECTLY with far less Delay! I kick myself every time I’m catching up with a few day’s worth, but less food means less to wash up and so being in dire straits has it’s plus points. Still would be better to do dishes daily! Clearly a batch causes upper back problem flares so DISCIPLINE!

My motivational ‘sayings’ for today are…



DIG DEEP for DYNAMIC DO-ABILITY and maybe with a DOODLE-a-DAY – I don’t draw well at all but I sometimes enjoy making a doodle, so maybe one of my DANCE disciplines, to break and rest from writing or anything else and to extend therapeutic creativity should be to dance-with-a-doodle-a-day…

So, a day off for some Sunday’s special and rest ??? (more like getting ahead for an easier time of the challenge for next week cos the workload of taking part with three blogs and making time for blog-hopping and comms around 3 sign-up list locations is quite huge!

Blogging with pictures for the ‘from Corner 2 Corner‘ blog, launched just intime to take part in A to Z there too! Trawling through folders and files and curating images to use in posts and writing ‘collaboratively’, integrating the directions and decisions of another also take quite a lot of time. I knew it would… I’m also anti-AtoZ-antedote free-writing sometimes here, not as part of the challenge.

So, onward hopefully… and hopefully more Monday with the letter E!

(reminds me of Sesame Street doing this challenge! But all good fun … )