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Continuing with C and the A to Z Challenge:

…and continuing with an outline of potential coping strategy! As part of that strategy, to keep up better with preparing future posts and to leave more time for blog-hopping and saying ‘coo-ey’ to other participants, today’s post is short 🙂

All links on this page (and yesterday’s posts) open in the same window for accessibility to visually impaired visitors. Past pages have not yet been fixed for this issue but will be attended to in future.

Coueism is often called autosuggestion and is a method discovered by Émile Coué in the late 19th century based on optimistically altering perceptions. Could be worth a try.

Colour can enhance mood, so, bear in mind creativity, cheerfulness and bring more colour to daily life in whatever ways possible. (Colour therapy involves a practitioner assessing patient needs and treating accordingly with coloured light and consultations are inaccessible -just thought I’d note that as had assumed colour therapy was something else.)

COLOUR choices of natural foods, ie fruit and vegetables, can play  apart in balancing dietary needs, so as soon as there’s cash for food enough, colourful fruit and veg are top of my wish list. Until then it’s cornflakes for nutritional support and some vitamin and mineral coverage…

CANDIDA and colon health can be impacted by diet; bread and other ‘staple’ foods can be problematic. COUSCOUS is a great filler, fairly afforadable and can be prepared easily by boiling a kettle and soaking the grains for about ten minutes. Adding grated and raw chopped vegetables it’s a healthy, tasty meal.

COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES and COMPLEX PROTEINS need addressing but require cashflow beyond cheap cornflakes, porridge, bread and couscous! (I’ve not eaten cow, chicken or any creature other than occasional fish for over twenty-five years, which might be why I NEED coQ10 – there are vegetarian preparations but the bovine source is more effective especially in times of crises. I’m not as much in need of CoQ10 as some of my friends are, so managing without currently not a crisis issue. This could be counteracted perhaps with combining pulses and legumes, but that requires concentration, remembering, soaking and lengthy cooking processes – sprouting beans though doesn’t…but again remembering might be a problem! NB: pay attention to avoiding food poisoning with any such attempts!

Circulatory health needs looking after through COMMON SENSE measures such as diet and excercise / movement. Co-enzyme Q 10 and other COMPLEMENTARY medicines can be obtained once cash flow resolves but continuing to get into debt to cope with challenginghealth needs is part of a vicious CYCLE that needs curtailing.

CURTAILING activities and CONSULTING my blogging schedule (AKA rest, prep and activity manager) … Need to remember to keep an eye on CLOCKs … CIRCULARITY, CYCLES and drifting from both ends of the candle to the middle of nowhere with challenge drift burn-out will not help. Convalescence and sea air (when we can get to the coast!) – in the meantime, my acrostic poem for today is a playful C … I am leaving this challenge post here. Back tomorrow for my D Day survival challenge continuation, hopefully…