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welcome, back with Today’s letter for the A to Z Challenge is B:


B is for Beating Back and Better…

B is for BEATING BACK pain, BETTER HEALTH and BETTER BLOGGING HEALTH! …ooh! looks like it’s also for BIGGER text font for pasting from doc file draft! Hooray!

B is for BANANAS! I should really eat a banana a day and be a better monkey! (potassium, tryptophan, slow-release carbohydrate… as soon as BUDGET allows!)

B is for BREAKS BETWEEN BLOGGING habits: It’s too easy to get lost for longer than planned either absorbed in one online platform or another OR by trying to complete a task while inefficient and fog-brained and either way losing hours at a time and achieving little.

Note to self, while riding the wave in over-drive achieves something more than sleep which seems to achieve nothing, lack of sleep catches up with avengance! Be better disciplined or you will be dead-beat!


I usually remember to have frequent enough breaks from the screen because my eyes or head pain soon remind me if I’ve stayed too long even if my legs still hold me up. it’s the main reason I avoid working with images as my screen brightness is usually so low that pictures are impossible to view well and turning BRIGHTNESS up causes problems. BRIGHTNESS and getting more natural light would be beneficial for better health too!

B is for #BeWoW -inspired, BeWATT – inspired: the BELIEF of Positivity

I’ve recently started preparing stuff offline at my bedside computer – nothing so flash as a laptop or tablet but I can support myself against pillows with no weight on my coccyx in order to type at old Win98 system and thus get more writing done for my blog(s) = BETTER BLOGGING, hopefully. I still have too take screen and moving around breaks. (I usually change or re-work my draft somehow in the process of posting but have to stand at my internet pc to use it). Now I just need to get my file management in slightly better order again. Every time I think there, no longer behind, by the time I look back I’ve created more files and wherever was I making … it’s like washing up, you think you’ve caught up, but you turn around and there’s soon more!

B is for … the BATES method … The ‘eye-sight’ training techniques are a mixture of relaxing and excercising the eyes and are quite easy to follow (RDGtAM* p60-61) *RDGtAM is the Readers Digest Family Guide to Alternative Medicine published in 1991, ISBN: 0 276 42010 1

BE: be happy TO BE – and the other Bates method I find supportive and helpful is my artistic friend Colette’s contemporary art knowledge, experience and collaboration. She shares that surname and I enjoy the irony of that. I’ve started our long-awaited blog project using the A to Z challenge format as both framework and motivation to get that underway. You might enjoy a visit to our  fromCorner2Corner blog.

B is for BACK CARE – the number one best thing I can do to prevent excruciating back pain and  immobility is not sit down. Barely at all ever. My back problems are obviously very different to all those people with back problems who can sit, but can’t stand. But then the spine is a long-reaching mechanism housing and supporting a complex organic system. Walking outside on artificial solid ground also causes increased pain so better BOUNCE ABOUT a bit with taking better steps along the way…

B is for BALANCE … from Balance Excercises on the Wii Fit for a few minutes a day to BALANCING activity and resting activity and better rest… (I bought my daughter’s Wii and Wii fit from her last summer to stop her selling it to anyone else for the little she’d been offered, in case she changed her mind and regretted selling it, so she could have it back –I’m a mug like that but it means I have Wii Fit I can use for very gentle exercise build-up starting with balance and co-ordination ‘games’.) All I need now is BATTERIES, better budget and I must look after recharging my own internal BATTERY.

BEGGAR’S BELIEF! BEWARE! Benzocaine! The only medicine I’ve found to help either eye or back pain, both of which can be extremely debilitating, disabling and severely painful, is benzocaine. The only way I can obtain this is over the counter Tyrozet lozenges. I use these according to instructions for frequent lymphatic/viral illness and throat infections. They have the tiniest amount of antibiotic(1mg) and benzocaine(5mg) and are meant to be sucked as a lozenge. They’re incredibly effective and I don’t need to use them for long before my body’s own responses take over so one or two doses is usually enough – unless the throat infection is more severe and then it’s just a couple of days use – recommended maximum is five days use (in the beginning, I’d need to use them for three to five days). My eye pain would also reduce while using them, sucking as a throat lozenge but I didn’t associate it with the lozenges but with the benefits of the extra rest I was needing while ill. Once, last year, I accidentally swallowed a Tyrozet lozenge, while in the habit of taking nutritional supplements. It was very uncomfortable in my stomach for a couple of hours, I worried a bit about the toxicity and warning information, BUT my extreme upper back pain, like a widespread hot-poker radiating the size of a sandwich plate, was by the next morning when I woke, suddenly and unexpectedly relieved to BEARABLE levels.

Since then, I soon learnt what triggers return or exacerbation of that pain, having tried to cope for three years with no way of controlling it. So, I very often have swollen glands and lymph nodes and signs of infectious illness and I’ve excused myself using tyro’s occasionally for beating back my other pains, besides intended use of manufacturer licensing. That’s NOT a recommendation, it’s a point for debate or discussion. (I hope I can still get served when I need some more – not addictive, for me at least, still have most of the pack I was given at Christmas!) Crunching them and swallowing them to my stomach eases the pain very quickly and efficiently and just one or two lozenges use might make the pain manageable for quite a while if I don’t trigger the flare again. BUT my doctor says it’s highly toxic AND won’t prescribe any kind of sodium channel blocker for me to try but will happily prescribe an anti-depressant for pain with no diagnosis of depression and with previous adverse effects of such medications. Beggar’s Belief! A Tyrozet lozenge costs about 15p and so I have to do what’s BEST for me.

BELIEVE the NHS Healthcare in the UK is the not the wise and wonderful British is Best system the rest of the world seems to believe. The NHS is a BUSINESS lacking the individual patient’s best interest. In some cases it’s a good thing and I am grateful for having my son’s life saved as a baby when he was nearly not born and his mother’s life was saved too. BUT we’re a population of battery-farm guinea pigs for social healthcare experiments that make for global problems as we beef-up our British is Best BALONEY. Our society’s healthcare has been much like America for about a decade or more, just not as honest!

So, the NHS won’t provide pain relief .. and I have to avoid sitting, other triggers and I have to look after my back – including moving around frequently and stretching and being careful about posture. (I have my online computer set up to stand and type, that’s the only way I’ve been able to manage using it. I also have an old I also have to schedule BED-REST to achieve BALANCE and BETTER health optimisation. (I’m not good at resting enough and still push through and BURN-OUT…)