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Maybe I should call it “don’t try this at home”! Or whatever that phrase is…
Disclaimer: I am not an expert and am not recommending health measures explored in my posts! Snailzpace Daily is a personal journal study-ish-type-workbook for my rambling …so… I’ll maybe make a summary page of each post amongst the pages at the top of my blog for whistle-stop blog-hoppers who don’t like to read all my drivel (I write here for myself!)

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This is Snailzpace Daily, my Pathway Halfway Home and Homeward Bound, so, having just completed the week-long Spring Bloggiesta for blogging and computing housekeeping challenge (and blog-hopping practise!), I’m hopefully well-prepared to keep up the improved organisation and motivation for a challenging month blogging with A to Z. You can also find my acrostic poems for this challenge at my poetry blog if you prefer a less waffle blog and enjoy reading poetry attempts.

Many thanks again to the Bloggiesta team and participants for a welcoming and encouraging challenge week just in time to get me and my blogging in better order before the A to Z challenge. Bloggiesta is very well-organised, and the website (and travelling from there to participant blogs also) there are loads of great articles for blogging advice, information and resources from recent and previous events. THE NEXT Bloggiesta Challenge will be in JUNE. I’ve learnt about Twitter chats and how to take part, so no excuse for missing the A to Z chats, every Thursday at 6pm GMT or Friday 1am GMT. I hope to be awake for one or two along the way at least.

Trying to stay ahead, I’ve posted earlier than usual. Today’s poem, for the final day of March, written for Mara’s poetry rehab 101 challenge prompt END is also posted early while I get myself together better and get on with other things. I’ll be posting an acrostic poem at my poetry blog every day of the A to Z challenge, as well as continuing hopefully with my usual daily spontaneous poetry efforts and regular challenges I try to take part in, as well as one or two new ones, or revisiting some I’ve let slip by.

April is also a time for remembering real-life house-keeping / Spring cleaning so, for an hour a day every day of this challenge, spring-cleaning is incorporated in this ACTION PLAN for better housebound health! That should be plenty of time and effort to have the whole house spick and span by the end of the month even at my snailzpace – hopefully! Half an hour outside time in the garden too, as soon as it dries out enough for garden-tidying or outside play with my dog – the yard’s a soggy boggy rain-soaked mud-bath at the moment … but doesn’t prevent a small stroll round the yard, spotting insects and soaking up the sun… I might even read a another book…

Shame I can’t think of an ‘A’ word to introduce Spring cleaning other than under APRIL… That AIM will take me away from the computer between efforts to ensure better blogging health and help with general health … and housework is fitness ACTIVITY better than exercise with my medical condition and so takes its place. I’m having to try and think AGES AGO, like Victorian, but without a housemaid, and recuperation… convalescence… are we ALLOWED such luxuries when AILING…?

So, today we have an extra day of a letter A inspired post, with the real letter A response starting tomorrow (well, scheduled for just after midnight to allow a whole 24 hours before the next post is scheduled to publish). Not ahead enough yet, but a couple of days in advance fully drafted and getting to grips with scheduling posts. With the whole month mapped out and skeleton blog drafts created ready to fill-in, I’m ahead enough to stay ahead or at least keep up. Perhaps then I’ll get my Zzzz-s well with as little blogging stress as possible.

My A to Z posts here throughout the challenge will be outlining potential free / low-cost self-help strategies for personal self-help use. An example of my format is provided in the final paragraph rounding off this post. These are are fairly short introductory outline articles, including some free-writing and light-hearted commentary (summary to be added as pages from post ramblings!). Links for therapeutic terms provided within my posts, unless stating otherwise, will open to the google search page for that word/term, for easy access to search result articles and images.

I might or might not write more specifically on some of these subjects in the future. In that way these posts provide me with a further resource for reading / study / research toward writing about health and therapies. I decided not to link directly to specific articles as I’m guided by a trusted book, the Readers Digest Family Guide to Alternative Medicine* and don’t currently have the research or writing time AND I’m not an expert!
*RDGtAM published in 1991, ISBN: 0 276 42010 1

An example of what you might be able to expect from my A to Z entries here:

AROMATHERAPY – I found I still have in my bathroom my daughter’s lavender essential oil. It needs using and is extremely good for headaches and can help balance the lymphatic system and all kinds of other symptomatic uses – including healing burns and sunburn.

As there is Lavender essential oil here, I could use it, although if I ever have visitors I’ll regret not having some cedarwood essential oil to throw at my clothes to disguise the flowery smell! (My daughter’s mother went to aromatherapy classes once upon a time so I got to learn a little bit about it and had to be a guinea pig sometimes. I was given cedarwood oil once and told it would stop my hair thinning. I’m not bald yet but not sure it has anything to do with using the cedarwood oil!) I remember that I really liked black pepper essential oil but soon found out to have nothing to do with rosemary, sage or thyme essential oils because they seem very bad for me personally. Apparently if you don’t like the smell of a certain oil it’s unlikely to benefit you therapeutically (also ALWAYS READ INSTRUCTIONS & CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FOR SAFETY). I can’t afford to go and buy essential oils or I’d stock up with those on my wish list: eucalyptus oil for my current viral illness and tea tree oil for insect repellant; bergamot, peppermint and ylang-ylang would all be on that list too… (PS – I’m not an aromatherapist and there no affiliate links, just google results pages so you can make your own mind up from various sites!)

As it appears we have some lavender oil I can use up, I might just put some on my pillow to help me sleep better… Ah…ZZZzzzz

Back tomorrow with A is for…