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A quick post today, before the day’s out. Still plenty prepping to do for April A to Z challenge but got some skeleton draft posts ready to start scheduling posts tomorrow hopefully.

I posted my daily poetry offering (at PitterPatterPoetry), today a response to a weekly Haiku challenge at RonovanWrites – still not ever so comfortable with Haiku, but drafted several attempts and chose two from them to post as a paired haiku poem.

Working offline a little today toward review of last week’s Bloggiesta stuff… also blog-hopping the A to Z theme reveal blogs. I thought about doing a theme reveal post, but found an article one of the co-hosts posted last year just before the challenge started and a lot of the linked blogs appeared not to have posted as part of the challenge. So, some great looking themes having been announced, but I’ll go back to some later in week maybe. Plenty do be doing in the meantime, regular challenges to keep up with…

I’ve finally managed to get an image widget into my sidebar, so learnt how to do that at last and with all these things wondering why on earth when they’re quite simple to do, do I struggle with such things! Never mind, I now have my A to Z badge in my sidebar display 🙂

I also made it back to a co-write tournament this evening to take part in some collaborative writing – always a fun challenge 🙂