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Well, I’ve FINALLY got rid of the generic header for this blog – that’s a task that’s only been waiting about six weeks and really should have been tackled earlier! Been too busy blog-hopping and trying to be better organised. I’m not far enough ahead with my A to Z challenge prep but I’m not super-human by a long way! I learnt about Twitter chats and how to use them, gained confidence  and awareness of Twitter and I wrote a BLOGGIESTA inspired acrostic poem during the week too!

A BOOK i read during this week…

During this week, having immersed in an event centred around book-bloggers and avid readers and being neither myself usually, I actually read a whole fiction book from beginning to end during rest breaks that I could stay awake for reading between computer / blogging tasks. Not my usual choice of fiction either but I enjoyed it enough to read to the end. (I most often read non-fiction, and tend to hop about sporadically and skim, rather than read in linear manner).

Laura Lipman’s ‘Life Sentences’ is a book about an author who writes memoirs, and her efforts to research a mysterious unsolved crime involving or committed by one of her childhood school acquaintances. It’s the first book where I’ve ever encountered a page at the end of the book with the author leaving the reader questions as points for discussion, that intrigued me, before I read the book. It’s quite an “easy-to-read” book and I enjoyed the way the story was constructed, how it moves. It was published in 2009 by Harper Collins (paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1-84756-093-3).

I picked it up for 25pence from the second-hand box of books for sale to benefit BBC Children in Need being sold at our local post-office last year – I’d usually pick four to six and pay £2 and so have a few books waiting to be read, none of which I’d usually select for myself. Some were bought for my daughter to read if she stayed as she is an avid reader and some for me to read different varieties and forms of writing. I even found Russell Brand’s Booky-Wook in one of these baskets and just had to have it for only 25p! There were also a couple I read as a child, such as Carrie’s War, I read that last Summer from a previous batch and a few others, but no reading since – mostly because upstairs is too cold in winter and I can’t sit down enough to read a book, though I suppose I could stand with a book but I’d rather be comfy and relax for reading for pleasure. I usually only buy books new for other people as presents. The last new book I bought as a present for myself was Terry Pratchett’s Science of Discworld3 and I’ve not even read it yet in over a year.  I can’t help myself for waffling and rambling on again! You can tell I’m not a book-blogger or used to writing book reviews! Not aiming to either, plenty already 🙂

So, last night, while I should have been sleeping but distracted online again, so made a start with my header issue – in case I slept the day away. If you’d not visited before, it previously looked as awful as this screenshot: ss-pre-headerSo, that change to blog personalisation was long overdue but now completed within scope of Bloggiesta challenge time-frame and one of the main things on my blog I needed to tackle! Having ‘Writing 201-poetry’ against my header has been so annoying me all week because that finished about four weeks ago and this hasn’t been my poetry blog since then as I made a new blog for poetry efforts (Pitter Patter Poetry, links on my About Page or elsewhere).

I’ve updated my About Page again today. As I made my header using someone else’ photo, found on flickr, I’ve added info about this, crediting the source, on my About page. Although it’s a Creative Commons license allowing use, this requires a link to the license as well as crediting the source. Of course I could have just snatched the original and edited it, like I often see written on blogs, but have strongly-held beliefs for attribution and copyrights. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding and mis-assumptions made about things like Creative Commons licensing and what ‘public domain’ actually means. Of course someone might never know nor even necessarily mind, but that’s not the point – as a creative practitioner (not yet professionally, amateur-ist), I’d still prefer to keep my practice as respectful as possible of other creators, so hope I’ve applied accreditation and licensing correctly in my use of that image. It was very late, or rather early, even forgetting impact of Daylight Saving Time adjustment, so I got my custom header so far with just ‘Snailzpace’ on it, (and not yet accredited anywhere) then completed both tasks today. I was only going to add the text ‘Daily’ but having slept on it also added ‘Homeward Bound’. That was originally my Blog title with Snailzpace Daily as the tag-line, but I switched them around at some point. It’s now all updated nicely within the time-frame I set for that goal. So, I’m quite chuffed with how this week’s gone, I’ve kept up reasonably well one way or another.

I would have liked to have done more, but ALWAYS have that in mind when completing any challenge! In the next few days, I’ll be reviewing all the notes I made that I’ve tended not to use while writing my posts online anbd off the cuff. So maybe my end of event review will be by mid-week, when I’ve had time to trawl through my notes and get it together.  I saved lots of links and might make some more pages under the Bloggiesta parent-page/tab, so as I have easy to find resources, info pages I want to go back to, keep up with the inspiration and motivating power of the mnemonic acronym PEDRO! I’ll be keeping the bloggiesta mascot in my pocket during future blogging efforts 🙂

I’ve enjoyed browsing book-bloggers blogs – they’re very well organised which has made learning how blogs with lots of information organise web-content a bit easier to assimilate. Maybe I was too distracted before by all different kinds of blogs and immersing in photos, random reading articles and being distracted by the content.  I somehow found it easier to assimilate this information with the similarity of web-content of book-bloggers even though there’s different blogging platforms, styles and presentations. So it’s been very useful for my ongoing learning as a new blogger. And I really did previously skip most blogs I found to be about reviewing books before – I know better now, as I found some fantastic places for a visit during this challenge.

So, if you’re visiting from the bloggiesta challenge, how do you feel about non-book-bloggers gate-crashing Bloggiesta? Do you only blog about books or maybe write other ways than book reviews? Do you read other types of blog, or only those about books?  Do you take part in any non-book-blog memes?