Sore throat and maybe getting a cold – that’s what I get for staying up late for a ‘party’ (1am Twitter chat that is!). Had a restful evening first including nap-time to be able to stay awake but then before I knew it it was 4am and I was still up on the internet! Dunno where the time went! So, slept late today, then slept again most of the evening waking at 11pm. Missed dinner so got up for supper and doing this post before midnight strikes.

Mustn’t forget we in the UK lose and hour tonight with springing forward. So the ET chat-times for Twitter now five hours behind GMT not four as before…

Doing ok with my to-do’s but would have liked to have done better by now. Always the way! No day of rest tomorrow if I want to get my list cleared up. A to Z starts mid-week and I’d like to be caught up better and better ahead with necessary tasks.

A quick post today very last thing and back to bed for a good night’s sleep while I won’t miss that hour too much.