The weekend is almost upon us and I’m never ahead but not too far behind.

One of those days, again, where nothing ever quite works out as planned. Went away from here yesterday with  some extra things to do identified and the days slipped away again with not enough done. Though perhaps I’ve managed more than usual by working offline while resting and between proper rests and trying keep up here.

Managed a thousand words free-writing today getting stuff out of my system after receiving some unexpected news and another hold-up to sustainability and survival plan. That’s enough about that or I’ll be depressed again!

So far managed to keep up with regular challenge commitments along the way, written some kind of poem every day so far during March, even if quick and off the cuff it’s still practise.

Urgently need to tackle my header issue on this blog. That’ll be one of next priority tasks but in meantime trying to stay awake for my first twitter chat attendance… while waiting i’m blog-hopping my way through those blogs i missed in previous sessions… then i’ll have covered the whole sign up list, that’s a marathon task in itself… need to find a way of being more efficient! Why is there not some kind of add-on or plug-in yet for incompetent humans???