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Because I’m not a book blogger, and because most Bloggiesta participants ARE book-bloggers – and because I know so little about this very popular past-time – I decided that with ONLY just over a hundred blogs on the sign-up list, that I should try and take a look at each one!

I did this for a timed excercise because one of the mini-challenges is hosting a meme (definitely not ready for that yet but useful for future potential commitment perhaps). I decided before ever thinking about hosting a meme myself, to find out how long would it take to check five, ten, twenty a hundred posts? It’s also a task I’ve undertaken for planning my blog-hopping participation during both April’s A to Z and for if I sign up to Writing 201.Timing tasks are part of the creting a blogging schedule mini-challenge that I’m doing as an ongoing excercise before the April A to Z challenge kicks off next week.

I didn’t sign up for Blogging 101 this time *March 2015), even though I’d wanted to. I would have enjoyed Photo 101 if ever I could get out of the house more, but can’t right now. I needed a break from the Commons because it sucked up so much time during February courses visiting other blogs and visiting and responding in the Commons- but then I didn’t really have a plan and just drifted and kept making myself more ill for not dragging myself away. That’s important to know too, what IS my safe tolerance duration for standing at my internet computer browsing?

Before January/February, my tolerance level for internet use was switch on the computer, check the bank and personal (domestic) email and have a look at the bbc news and weather sites for maybe half an hour to forty-five minutes tops. I then decided I desperately need an accessible hobby to pass the time AND desperately need to up-skill and find some way of working. I’m still staying longer durations than I should and having intermittent lapses of efficiency and increased symptoms as a result.

No matter how well I think I planned and prepared, when I’m at the holo-deck – as I call my workstation – the plan goes somewhat out the window! I came here six hours ago to post a draft from my flash drive for this Bloggiesta update post and for my poetry offering for today at Pitter Patter Poetry. Neither achieved yet for forgetting and just quickly doing this and that. Hasn’t helped that my back garden fence keeps being eaten and pushed by the neighbour’s dog and I have a dog too and need to keep them seperate and keep my dog within my garden. So I had to patch the fence with spare bed parts that should be making a bed but never mind because it’s only a spare bed and I can sleep on a  mattress on the floor for a spare bed occasion while a guest has my nice bed.

So, even a fly-by blog-hopping visit takes ages and I found that allowing for breaks, distraction of phone, knocks at door, dog needing attention or anything else, to visit twenty blogs briefly, but enough for a taste, I should allow at least two hours. I decided to visit by first going to every blog on the sign-up list with a number 6, then the same with an odd number and so on. I’ve got by my reckoning eight or nine to go before I’ve visited all 106 on the list so far – though sign-up is still open for late arrivals. I should have completed already by my system, so my notes went wrong somewhere and I have to track back to uncover the ones I missed. I won’t be tackling April’s A to Z like that because there’s over 1300 blogs signed up! That looks like being a year long road-trip for blog-hopping all the way through that potential journey…

Intense blog-hopping been very useful in seeing and experiencing all kinds of layouts and ways of organising (often similar) information. The desire to make my journey as quick and efficient as possible was hindered or helped by the way the blog was organised. Common sense really I know! My excuse  is I was quite ill during Blogging 201 and didn’t really pick up the baton well during that course… so Bloggiesta has been so far a welcome and very useful challenge to take part in and quite fun for making work …. From my blog-hopping marathon so far I’ve an idea of blogs where I definitely want to pay a return visit – also where to find plentiful reliable book reviews should I need to trust a REAL person with a considered review rather than getting lost in the jungle at Amazon.

I get lost with rambling in my posts, as I’m quite sure most visitors notice just before they leave! I have to say, I’m in the habit of writing here for myself rather than for the reader. I start with a focus in mind then a kind of free-write carry away occurs and whatever I planned in the beginning of my post becomes something else. So, to counteract this, I’ve decided to make easy to find pages from anything relevant (especially to challenge participation) and have nice orderly better organised articles seperated from my drifts and rambles in my daily posts.

I’ve made a Bloggiesta introduction page already and now, with my planned fraft for this post left on my flash drive, I’m going to copy that batch of posts made here so far and go and get comfy with my next round of offline resting tasks and work out these nice tidy easy to access pages!