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Bloggiesta Day 2 – Tuesday Update (somehow missed hitting publish???)

To-Do List progress so far:

*I’ve updated my About page on this blog, as planned, so can cross that off the list (I’ll be making a stand-alone page tomorrow for my Bloggiest ToDo list, perhaps…)

*I’m writing this post from an offline draft made earlier after a marathon blog-hopping session with notes made toward some review post or two.

*I’ve posted today’s Pitter Patter Poetry offering, a Bloggiesta acrostic (shortlink http://wp.me/p5P5Fr-28)

*A to Z challenge sign up completed and theme reveal sign up and post made.

*I’ve caught sight of a live twitter party chat BUT very late arrival and NOT social media savvy, so just seeing how it works for the one I’ve planned to ‘attend’ later in the week.

*visited TWELVE participant blogs today, taking almost two hours (including a late brunch break of ten minutes and some distraction such as fetching coffee or seeing to the dog! ) commented on at least 5 and sent one twitter message

*I’ve made a table for the week ahead so far for a blogging schedule in a simple doc file to keep on my flash drive and use between the offline and online computers. (I’ve got a scrappy A4 hand-written draft too, in pencil to allow erase and changes as necessary. I’ve read about apps and web-based systems with all kinds of bells and whistles and decided to keep it simple and offline. I figured an online system, however integrated it might potentially be would be something else to learn to use, to have to back up, to keep a password for etc.I MIGHT use the organiser stuff available on my mobile to help with planning – or especially for reminder alerts, as that’s where the above system potentially fails – although if I’m organised and know what I’m doing it shouldn’t need much more than that!

NOTE TO SELF: couple of things I found along the way I want to go back to read:



So, some progress, still more to do for another day!