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I’m a day behind posting the starting line, really I started late Sunday with this… I blog-hopped about the sign-up list a bit then and browsed some past mini-challenges while making up my mind whether or not to take part. I was a little put off by what looks like an almost all female sign-up list, but decided that was a daft reason not to take up the challenge. I don’t usually read book reviews and most partcipants so far seem to be book bloggers, although the challenge is  general blogging improvement with some book review themed chats / posts and mini-challenges thrown in to the mix so I thought I’d join anyway. It’s perfectly timed just before the April A to Z challenge starts to help step up the blogging pace (hopefully) and continue to strive for better blogging efficiency! One of the nice things about bloggiesta is that the sign up list doesn’t close when the event kicks off so new participants can join even toward the end of the week.

Of the mini-challenges so far I’ve looked at creating a blogging schedule (not just an editorial calendar but incorporating the wider aspects) – scheduling of any kind for me has to be responsive to ever changing patterns and unreliable health. I tend to go along with a daily / weekly plan according to the order things take place in rather than at or by this certain time. That’s hopefully a winter / hibernation-instincts-not-quite-over-yet thing that will improve with the warmth and extended daylight of spring and summer months. I’ll be drawing up an editorial calendar for the next five to six weeks and then go from there (I realsie there’s a difference but that seems to be the foundation of wider blogging activity that I need to focus on for planning at this point in time.)

There’s a mini-challenge with a give-away-prize-draw from msbookish and I found the article, links and a related post shown on that page very interesting. I’ve been meaning to make a ‘prompt box’ for ages but haven’t yet. Time tends to get eaten up checking email, twitter, following blogs I’ve signed up to follow and regular events I’ve made a recent habit of taking part in these last few weeks. Having said that i’ve made lots of notes for to-do lists, ideas, research links, prompts, but all in text or document files on computer where they can’t easily be seen. I don’t however like to use ink and paper for everything – very little at all in fact.

As a result of reading those two articles I had a focussed day of writing excercises yesterday and twenty drafts written that i could fall back on, rework, improve, adapt… *I should add to my to do list to pull out from all past folders any past photo / text /doc files that I might ever want to post or use toward a post in the next few weeks / future … more time and energy in a day would be nice!

I’ve never been to a “Twitter party” before and not really one for tweeting, but it seems an essential platform, does have it’s uses (such as #co-write and #writingdare) and is also a fantastic flick book of a vast array of information – I tend to avoid it most of the time because I can lose myself for hours looking at all the fantastic pictures, overloading my browser with link queues for news stories, articles of all kinds etc. – and I don’t have anyone I know personally on my twitter list at all yet. I like it that way. Anyone I know personally has plenty of ye olde fashioned ways to contact me.

I imagine Twitter could be a nightmare if used as a direct personal communication tool rather than pick up the phone or send an SMS text. (I don’t use facebook either, social media dinosaur!) I’m not at all concerned about these things being a must-have tool for promoting your blog, because I’d prefer genuine happen along readers / followers, or none at all, to invited personal friends, family, acquaintances following to be polite or curious (or nosey!). Anyway, apparently I’m going to a party for a change, albeit ‘only’ a Twitter party 🙂 Once at least I’ll hit the Twitter chat as it seems an integral part of the challenge to engage with Twitter. I also added it to my ToDo list for the week’s activities to undertake – Organisation might be a good one to attend, looking at the list of Twitter party themes and it being an area I definitely should be improving. No idea what to wear and can’t afford a bottle to take, so that’s a shame…

So, I can now maybe cross a couple of things off my bloggiesta to do list and I’ll also be adding a couple of extras (more planning/scheduling and making a physical paper prompt box / organising digital notes)…