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My first Bloggiesta post is now ocurring Tuesday, although that challenge gets a small mention further down the page! If you’re here for my A to Z theme reveal that’s also way down the page if you prefer to skip my rambling! 🙂

To meet my goal of posting here daily, I’m going to have to hit publish to get this on while it’s stilll Monday and before I’ve finished. I’ll come back and update this post with the bits and pieces waiting on my flash drive that I prepared earlier while offline, as soon as I’ve sorted my supper – midnight feasting instead of having dinner again, but then lunch was late, by evening meal-time too! (I should probably remove such admissions when I update, but prefer to leave the honest truth in place! No-one reads here much anyway, and I can see why, but I write here mainly for myself, as a kind of study/workbook personal journal type thing…updating 2:40am having taken forever to make spaghetti bolognese of a sort with only a mini-oven to cook spaghetti and anything in, but it works, I just forget to restart the next step while i lose myself with other things including chasing the dog away from eating my books/noteboks/just about anything potentially! – but not wanting to reduce her company time any further than has to be already for reasons of my illness and rest needs. She’s happy she’shad enough attention now and is sleeping, as should I be, but I really have just eaten a dinner for supper post 2am so i’ll have to be up another two hours while it settles! i’m desperately trying to switch back to a daytime night-time routine but having some problems with practicalities – such as wwhenever i have to sleep in the day for exhaustion, it tipping my wake cycle back to very late night /early morning waking and missing mnost of the day’s natural light, which isn’t helping! As soon as it’s warm enough I can leave the thick curtains open and have the first of the morning sun streaming in to wake me, that’ll help no end!)

I’ve now got my old computer upstairs by my bed set up to be able to rest and still write and prepare stuff for posting in a way that might not make me quite as ill as forever standing at my internet pc downstairs (I can’t sit on a chair and use a computer at a desk, which makes things a bit awkward!) It’s nearly midnight -at the start of this post – and I’ve not had dinner yet, because I (a) there were no clean pans or ovenware or crockery and (b) I spent most of my day resting while creative writing, managed over 5,000 words! (seperate drafts, no one complete project).

I think I was inspired by reading one of the Bloggiesta mini-challenges to find ways of generating potential posts yesterday evening and carried myself away today with writing not quite as if my life depended on it, because I had to stop part way and have a few hours daytime sleep. I woke, spent an hour and a half catching up with chores before returning to complete the excercises I’d set myself to get done. Then I made a poem from one of my drafts to post for today’s Pitter Patter Poetry, quite different from anything else I’ve written for my poetry blog so far. I think it’s free verse, but still not ever so well-practised in understanding poetry terminology (I have trouble remembering unless I’ve got stuff written down in front of me, then it’s not remembering is it, it’s reading!)

I remembered I’d loosely-committed to a 9pm #co-write challenge and made it there just in time. I can’t remember how on earth I found it, but I came across the web-site last week and have quite enjoyed the half hour collaborative writing tournaments I’ve ‘attended’ so far. I don’t often stand here giggling while trying to write but have had a happy half hour every time so far 🙂

Moving along to the daily challenge (Sundays excepted) that I’ve now committed to take part in during April…

You can read more about the challenge and / or sign up by clicking the banner above (opens in new window).

I have now signed up for this challenge, only with this blog so far… maybe adding others later, I’ll see how this week goes and if I can keep momentum enough…so now it’s time (a little after time, but I squeezed onto the linky List before it closed for this part of the challenge, so updating my post) to include…

For this blog’s theme for the challenge, I’ll be writing posts (probably to myself!) on making a better journey of personal development/health management issues! So it’s all things affordable (that means free, in the main, for Dire Straits of current circumstances)…

My chosen theme actually involves quite a range of topic potential, but there we are – I need to re-remind myself of improving my coping strategies to get back to better health following further recent deteriorations and changes… it’s also a topic I can maybe start planning out from now onward, and try and reach the end of the challenge along that theme AND maybe even take on board those strategies I outline. (It’s also an excuse to practise non-fiction, non-creative writing requiring some research / refresh!)

I’m very tempted to try the challenge with Pitter Patter Poetry too and up my poetry efforts to TWO pieces a day: one as now, whatever I feel like doing or responding to, then one specifically for the A to Z challenge. To keep that aspect simple, I might (probably) use the theme April is for for Acrostic… choosing a word or two for each day’s letter and writing some kind of acrostic poem each day (maybe randomly picking from a selection of potentially good words…) So, I haven’t committed that blog to the challenge yet, but if I do, that’s most likely my theme.