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Planning a busier five weeks, productivity and efficiency drive – first a week with bloggiesta (maybe – if it’s not just for book review bloggers, feel a bit like a gate-crasher and a bit out of my comfort zone…) and then four weeks with April’s AtoZ challenge – not actually signed up for either yet, still time, just, perhaps! The Bloggiesta marathon challenge could be just the thing I need to get back on track here and adopt better blogging habits… (and thanks to Bohemian Nerd for highlighting this event…)

While I’ve been writing a poem every day for my poetry blog my daily blogging habit here has suffered – I’ve a lot of privately published half-hearted started posts unfinished and a lot of tidying up and sorting to do.

The first challenge to complete to take part in the bloggiesta is to make a to do list for the week. So here’s mine:

Bloggiesta To-Do List:-

*blog-hop and comment on participants blogs (visit at least 5 every day!)

*add / update pages here at Snailzpace Daily

*tidy up / update posts, tags+categories

*write a bloggiesta-type post every day on SPD and/or write a mid-week and post-event bloggiesta review

*change at least one thing on layout/look (definitely need to sort a custom header for SPD by end of week!)

*participate in at least one Twitter chat

*try at least one mini-challenge (maybe try any that’s relevant!)

*schedule and begin to draft outline AtoZ challenge posts (and sign up!)

*accept my recent creative blogger nomination on Pitter Patter Poetry and make my post and forwarding nominations…

*continue participating in all the regular challenge events I try to take part in AND continue with a daily poem at PPP! (so all that should keep me out of trouble then!)