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Last thing in the day (evening!) again and a reasonably productive day with creative writing and poetry reponses to @storybandit responses- three different responses to the first 99word story prompt posted .. then later, three short poems posted to PitterPatterPoetry.

… but still the niggling left-behinds awaiting – like this ballad task I’ve yet to do to feel like i really completed the W201poetry course! – and of course compelled by an urge to revisit, review and extend learning achieved in that fortnight (must remember to visit here again  – also to properly review Blogging201 assignments, having not covered all those yet either and periodically reviewing and continuing learning and practise always seems like a good idea… I just tend to get distracted exploring the wealth of blogs out there and wondering why on earth anyone might want to  read any of mine! Still, i tend to write selfishly, for myself – and strangely enough some people ARE reading! I didn’t expect Blogging 201 to be a magic cure-all and instantaneously drive endless traffic to my blog(s) But having gained any result is a good thing. Taking part definitely encouraged a better commitment to participating in the blogging community so it’s no longer a completely self-centred isolated experience with the joys of real human interaction to indulge in along the way.

I’ve not been ever so inspired by recent Daily Post prompts but should maybe practice thinking outside the box more – although I’ve  alot of other stuff to be getting on with too. (Currently I’m aware I’m waffling away on a ramble again but I’ve a timed writing deadline challenge underway,  a notepad file of todays things I wanted to cover to add, even if just as reminders to myself and at 11:22pm not yet started cooking dinner…)

A lot of the responses on the Daily Post prompt for yesterday were brief refusals, not surprising really given that it suggests you write your own obituary! I must be superstitious and didn’t feel like doing that at all!

I would have liked to have witten something deep and meaningful about this anonymous old man’s poem found after he died at the care home he resided at (apparently) and tied it in somehow using that prompt differently. It’s an incredibly moving poem, I felt. It’s a shame in some ways that it’s Anonymous, but I guess that’s for the sake of surviving relatives perhaps, or even the staff. (This poem was one of the gems I found during yesterday’s peruse).
Ben Huberman article, re: Post Secret – artist’s project
13mins! 3,000+ words? can anyone really write that fast – or that’s how long the converstaion for the article took – sounds more like it… I’d imagine an article of tht length and quality taking a good few hours even with experience and skill of experienced authorship, even with voice-memo files.

Sunday’s International women’s Day apparently – I might have a better read of this Longread article before then – exploring Twitter’s a great way to find extra stuff missed web-explorations otherwise… but it does make time fly! I got to see some of the Black Panther’s zines and some contextual info at the Genet exhibition at n0c0 in 2011 and in a few weeks there’ll be some more stuff with the next exhibition curated by Glenn Ligon. Looking forward to that, hopefully, though not yet made it to Rights of Nature and it closes in eleven days! Gasp! Cuts me up being not all that far away really and not being able to access public contemporary art! I need it for my therapy!

Tomorrow’s World Book Day: I wouldn’t have realised if it weren’t for listening to local radio. It made me feel quite nostalgic for the good old days of family life and parenting. All those last-minute changes of mind and the challenges of helping find a way of conjuring up a  character’s costume and / or helping the kids research their character – or the battles of encouraging them to make a less impossible choice. Thinking nostalgia, I might try this DPstarter at some point but then I find myself wondering, why…?

Just over five hours to next microbookends challenge- open for 24 hours from 5amGMT – managed to enter something three weeks in a row, so that’s good for me.   Blacklight challenge is a tough one this week as I didn’t cheat with random numbers, Dewey system subject/topic areas determined are stuff I have no general knowledge of, so to get anything together will take a bit more thought and some proper research and formal writing practice… so we’ll see… lagging a bit behind with some other events I’d hoped to keep up with but will get there eventually, perhaps… and already thinking ahead hopefully, to April…

http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/ (April 2015) – list closes in 19 days from today for entries… so time to think about that one – assuming internet capability secured by then!

So, having met my goal for today of writing over 750 words here however they turn out and popping in some reminder links, I’m off to heat some supper before it’s any nearer breakfast time!