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I’ve still been battling with the idea of writing a ballad – the one writing201:poetry task I’ve not yet attempted – not that they’re mandatory but just that I like a challenge and don’t like to feel I’ve not at lest tried. It’s supposedly a familiar, accesible form of poetry to write, but I’m not at all there yet. I found I’d missed a link on the assignment page tand that led to even more reading potential but not had the patience and not taking in anything I’m reading. So, some links to go back to:


Hopefully a ballad will fall onto a page by Friday or so. I managed to knock out an acrostic poem of a sort on Pitter Patter Poetry, so three days in a row so far continuing the poetry writing effort… I’ll be surprised if I can actually manage a whole month of writing a poem every day and I’m not even sure why I’d want to, but apparently I do, so I’ll try…

(and atypical Tuesday because for the third day in a row, in spite of writing at least one poem each day, i’ve also washed up, so for now, no mountain of dirty dishes, making a nice change… fingers crossed for keeping up…!)