Now that writing201:poetry is over it could be difficult to keep up momentum here. No studies of poetry as such today, although the break from study will be good for me – i spent most of the last fortnight with a kicked in the face feeling from the reading I managed and do need to ease off some. I still need to attempt writing the ballad from day 6 and will have to try tackling that some time before the weekend. hopefully. I probably need to read some more first though. I have read some poetry in other 201ers blogs but not got the concentration for doing anything much and just here for a ramble for the sake of keeping up with making a daily post and keeping up with writing habitually, however badly. I was aiming to make another peer review post but energy’s lacking and while I’ve browsed  plenty I’ve not made notes or snatched links so have to back-track some if I get round to that.

I knocked out a poem of rhyming couplets earlier this evening over on PitterPatterPoetry for the new poetry101rehab  challenge started this week by a fellow writing201er. Looking forward to keeping up with that as one way of keeping going with poetry. Need to also get back to practising other types of writing and so maybe trying some other prompts and challenges – story-telling with object of the month challenge always at the back of my mind but not made more effort with it yet.

So, tomorrow’s another day…