out of the blue looking pink in the light *
transgressive aesthetic gesture **
through its critical function ***
and anti-fetishistic by nature ****
still can afford to look down *****
to places planes don’t fly. ******
Near but memorable aforementioned *******
However, the point and even why ********

Sources: *(February by James Schyler, line 20) **(eT-361)***(eT-223)****(eT-241)*****(eT-247)******(Near Random Acts by Charles Alexander verse 60- line 4)*******(article-Space)********(eT-367)+ (eT-397) eT=Eflux article from issue 56 and the number represents the line in the PDF the fragment is found.

Potentially work in progress! Sample above using fragments from those sources. In the case the poem February, by James Schyler, i selected every fourth line; From Alexander’s Near Random Act I selected line seven, then six, five, four etc. from each available verse; from the article “Space Only You Can Build”, abbreviated above as “Space” I selected the twelfth or near twelfth word (excluding things like “to”) and finally from eflux article by Ekaterina Degot “A Text That Should Never Have Been Written” I’ve extracted a fragment from every 6th line in the downloadable PDF version.Whether I mash it up anymore to make something else remains to be seen.


(24)                                                  going over the hill.
(32)                                                  and stands there filling it
(62-4)                                               frightens the birds into retreat
(36)                                                  I can see the little fists
(40)                                                  at the corners of a roof
(61-5)                                               and children without food or heat.
(65-3)                                               or froth in the cup
(4)                                                    I can’t quite see in the blue.
(58-6)                                               taste our wishes every reason
(56-6)                                               empty basket tells a tale
(me)                                                sunshine springs to brighter season
(28)                                                 and streaks of cloud begin* to pale.
(44)                                                 It’s a day like any other.
(me)                                                Days disappear without a trace
(8)                                                   like something I can’t remember,
(64-2)                                             a phenomona we can’t embrace.

Text in green from those lines of James Schyler’s poem February; * denotes alteration of word beginning to begin; text in purple,  from Charles Alexander’s “Near Random Acts” (shown with verse number and line numbers); total number of “my own” words added for poetic effect = 13.

So, i’ve enjoyed a play with found poetry, though not yet found scissors and paste to have a go at soem manually, but three different ways of making and representing found poetry explored so far. (Off to collect the final assignment, ain’t it sad!)