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Ode to old notebook 2011 (a prose poem practise)

1. What exactly is it you’re trying to say? that Four years ago yesterday I was still a hopeless snail! …writing my notes instead of sound sleeping …visiting my mother and dreading soon leaving… forever’s to do list! In compromise – you make the point sharp to “Prioritise!”….12:41pm sat on the train awaiting departure, determined in writing should have MORE WILLPOWER… 3:15pm roasting warm on that train…Peterborough, Grantham and soon home again… four years ago yesterday you hold my daughter’s writing, of time at the galleries and the things she’d not been liking and how her pediophobia just gets in sculpture’s way and the film clips were too loud and long and she had to end our stay – i had homework to do in a hurry and my netbook usurped for games…four years ago yesterday it was noticeably lighter in the evenings you say and “must make more of it!” and show lots of notes for play… four years ago today i was back at the gallery for last presentations… juggling eggs and making snaps and failing my assessment…  “…too tired to write… so far behind…”  away to another exhibition unwind… 4 years ago ago tomorrow I went to the Malt Cross for a small art show alone… I bought The Big Issue – a regular mission… achieved all objectives and then slept LOADS…