Today’s assignment prompts=drawer (content), ode, apostrophe…

Ode = celebrating an object/person/place … “…both a compelling portrait and an investigation..into the poet’s relation to that thing.”

Apostrophe = Addressing directly a person / personified object … tone of address influences atmosphere of poem

What’s … in your drawers? …emotional connection to the object(s) rather than the object itself… qualities & details that make it unique?

Some unique things in my drawers – in the kitchen junk drawer, a forgotten slice of five week old toasted bread a funny-finking-friend stashed for future ground and varnishing! artists! honestly! a lunchtime soiree souvenir… a slice that made it to the floor and so uneaten but not wasted (and a good sign there’s no vermin at my house! and apparently toasting is a good preservative, there’s no mould either…)..but that’s not my emotional connection although i s’pose i could try and develop one… or there’s the dried banana skin i was loaned to make an assemblage type piece with and never gotten round to it…

Strongest emotional attachment so far – Something I abhor is my media service provider set-top TV box, in a sideboard drawer unused for a TV set being too draining on prepayment electric so catch-up TV off the cards and no telly licence (sure I’m not missing much really, so out of the habit of watching telly / movies) so a useless free service while I pay over the top for phone and internet with unused freebie… but to write an ode about it?!

An adjustable spanner or a cross-head screwdriver? A faithful Stanley knife…none of these things are unique! Write to brief, I’m hopeless! Emotional attachments to things… or attaching emotion and personifying any old object’ll do… quite fancy the toast… (no, I’m not THAT hungry, honest!)… maybe i’ll practice “shorts” with any old thing while i make my mind up, if ever i can! (ode, i thought i’d seen that last mid-week and missed it out! – so many different terms for so many similar forms / types/ technicalities! i think i’m tackling this in my sleep sometimes!)

(I read quite a few various odes from differing eras earlier; whilst I tend to enjoy 16th &17th century poetry, the ode I enjoyed most was Max Mendelson’s “Ode to Marbles” published in 2004…)

my practice run 1:- ode to a solitary map pin, blue…

your sore point is  your solitude
for once you were two hundred
your sticking point’s your colour blue
the others were all humbled
with matt-black coat acrylic
their purpose for display, for “pins in
multi-colour’s sin” our teacher’d say
i’m glad you’re not a drawing pin
you’ve fallen to the floor!
now lost my last blue map pin
– i’ll rejoice in you no more!

(c)2015, stu06bloc9

2:- ode to trampled aluminium

i wonder where she picked you up
you flat and crumpled form
you found a new beginning
discarded not forlorn
you once were filled with fizzy pop
your carbon footprint huge
you’re quite a price in any shop
and kept to find refuge
you’ve not quite lost your trademark
your ring-pull’s still intact
i’ve pulled you from found objects
and soon i’ll put you back
be gone before you bite me
with your threatening jagged edge
hope you’re a find from a clean spot
and not picked from under a hedge…

(c)2015, stu06bloc9

3:- Ode to an eccentric collector of unusual things

if i didn’t know better i’d be asking why
there’s a box labelled august holding spider and fly
neither are living both safely at rest
good thing i’m not phobic nor dead things detest

if i didn’t know better i’d say there’s no way
you’re bringing found objects to my house to play
if i didn’t know better i’d think you quite mad
but your “found object art ” work’s not really that bad

(c)2015, stu06bloc9

(whoops! not a personified object in the last attempt! lost the plot’s nearly catching! but i rhymed three times in a row! for a change of style can an ode be prose…?)