Today’s assignment prompt: fingers, prose poem, assonance

Rip and tear. Peeling back layers. Play, practice, square. Reveal and refrain the unglued from within. Middle night mists dampening and darkness despairs. A weigh on a ponder and away all these cares. Caress Baudelaire Be drunk and be long. Touch upon stair to Elsewhere and beyond. Heady half-lit beacon beckons one on. Distanced meandering lust muddling want. Just hammer at key notes the wheel of the whirr. Nail a phrase to another and carry it along. Write away travel over passage of time yet not stayed. Still is the night-time. Stilled here I played.

Half-hearted half-awake attempt at a “prose poem” in case I sleep the day away again! I think I should stick with studying poetry rather than trying to write any…