Today’s online BBC news reveals (the Office of National Statistics figures)  a 23% rise in UK deaths recorded so far this winter. 82,000 deaths were reported in the first six weeks of 2015, a rise of 23% compared to last year. ‘Flu’ is mentioned, but there’s been no obvious news or commentary on flu being problematic this winter.


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Other BBC online news stories reveal a rise in reported suicides, particularly amongst men aged 45 to 59 years old:-

Employment / unemployment figures are presented that don’t add up with no clear explanation of those “economically inactive” – that is, not earning a living but not receiving welfare. The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JA) fell by 38,600 in January 2015 “…the 27th straight monthly fall.” It’s not clear how many of these PEOPLE have moved into work, had other changes of circumstances removing them from welfare need OR if they have been removed by way of the sadistic sanctioning policies implemented by target-driven public welfare employees on behalf of the STATE. To obtain DWP hardship claim assistance a person must be able to reach a telephone and cannot drop in to JCP for assistance. To obtain Local Authority help, one must be able to reach the Local Authority office responsible for distributing crisis hardship provision and the budget for this isn’t ring-fenced to provide only for this financial objective and most local authorities aren’t paying the money out to people in need, perhaps because they’re so weakened and unable to make a claim or return to collect the help available.

As a direct result of the 2012 Welfare Reform Act (which should be more honestly titled Repeal Act) UK Citizens are being “legally” left to suffer and die if they have no hope of help or change simply as a means of improved appearance of the Tory government’s economic management.

Meanwhile, same day’s news announced that UK government financial surplus  in January 2015 was 8.8bn :

I haven’t yet looked for current reports or statistics of how many people in receipt of Employment Support Allowance have been sanctioned and it appears from previous research that no figures are available to reveal how many ESA claimants are removed from ESA claims while unable to meet conditionality for JSA, thus having no means to live unless thay have savings or borrowing capability. It is dreadful to think that for some people they will have died alone, in desperate conditions and may not yet have even been disovered – and maybe that no-one would miss them.

That the Tory government would celebrate the impacts of such measures as success and better economy is hateful and sickening. That the legeslative hierarchies responsible for such atrocity would not act with haste to correct such dangerously punative policy as is being used against vulnerable people is absurd.

Vulnerable people in need are soft targets to effectively fiddle the figures and meet targets in employees of the state applying their duty by any means necessary including negligence.

I believe the same principle for migrant peoples who might arrive in our country and have no way back – that they should never be left to starve and die. All these issues supposedly have backing of the British population, whipped up by political spin regurgitated by media hype – opposing welfare provision and availability generally  and  anti-immigrant attitude have become popular acceptable thinking about such issues in our contemporary UK society.

In January this year (2015), during the evening of 26th, my poet friend Colleen visited and we made a small start researching the current Nottingham Contempoary exhibition “Rights of Nature”. While exploring some of the artists whose work is presented by the gallery for that show I found a text from 2004 or 2005 by Minuerva Cuevas (link to follow?) and one line in particular “where can I find freedom?” resonated with Colleen and she penned an immediate ad hoc previously untitled poem as a result. It was a personal response and as she said at the time, self-centred. It has been awaiting an appropriate place to appear and she has kindly agreed to my application of the title “For the forgotten” and presenting this work as possibly elegiac verse(?) but I’m struggling with understanding the academic constraints and applying conformities. I’m using the “pre” paragraph method to elude to fog, (as per task prompt) and posted here with permission of the author, Colleen de Vincent.

for all those who have and are suffering the impacts and indignations of Conservative-led  English politics (Nazi-ism).

(c) Colleen de Vincent, 2015:  FOR THE FORGOTTEN

Where can I find freedom 
From poverty and pain, 
from hunger, cold and worthlessness, 
A means of life sustain. 
Where can I find freedom,
from anguish and from blight -
Escape outside this darkness
with health and hope, to light.
Where can I find freedom
from welfare and from woe
along a steadfast pathway
to sureity of home.
(c) Colleen de Vincent, 2015

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