…and I wouldn’t even be aware if it weren’t for google…  so, I survived Ash Wednesday and wished I’d saved my shapey poems for the beastly task set for today so i could’ve appeared a little more clever than I’m obviously not… I spent ALL day yesterday looking my mobile phone to play back voice notes I’d made for my writings, not a sign anywhere! first thing today (past noon, catching up with zzz’s) it suddenly occurred that around dawn chorus yesterday before going to bed I’d left my phone outside on the kitchen windowsill recording the birdsong! So there it still was and thankfully it’s not been heavy rain…drip!

it’s always just what falls out on the page, all out of appropriate time, BUT the internet is a tittle time machine and today I’m taking it easy… cos I have been working hard trying to gain momentum with personal development and skills practice… even if it’s not what it looks like…

…so my beast of poem effort’ll be stewing a while while i distract myself with catch-ups… and free creativity, hopefully …and actually finishing the flippin’ washing-up before i’m wading thru it to get to th’s ink!