BUW201-4Ass:ConcreteAnimalEnjambment My ‘ead can’t cope with concrete today (nor visual poetry) and I’m a bit surprised it’s what it says it is – and I’d hoped for standard type today but plenty to be going on with including trying some more Haiku seeing as it really is quite difficult … it’s Take-a-Step day, I’ve gotta fly from this state to that and off to Hispaniola explorations between Bookends and Poetry and I’m late with my object of the month… nor have I done any sculpture, but I unwittingly taught my dog how and she’s been busy gnawing at chairs all crafternoon… and flitting between Anglo-American cultural theming wondering that it’s not a concrete concept culture and then there’s getting my head around trying whilst Blacklight challenge(d and previously and often striving in dim light, but not candelled, thank goodness. So, I’m supposed to be writing today’s poetry assignment and I keep wandering off… as i’m a snail, I’m making a snail poem a bit further down this page, but please don’t expect visual with it… cos visual + snail only reminds me of the nasty telling off i got from a really strict infant school teacher for not making my picture of snail brown and for using colour in my work. i am animal (if i were an animal…)


AM a

snail and this

is my home. So PLEASE

don’t step on me cos boy will i moan!

and oh boy can i YELL! … i am a snail, I am very slow

and i do like my teas but i tend not to run with a whizz tho’ I wheeze and slip slide

thru the days from daybreak to zzz’ s fall just barely awake. I am a snail and I love

to play, tho’ it does take me ages to get thru’ each day. i am a snail and this is my home hum-drum home ramshackle poem but it’s least it’s not ragged & in ruins in a bomb-shelled edge.



(So, i have a shell but i’m not a nut, you might disagree but i know the word BUT!)

NB: don’t worry, I’m not living in a tent – but some are and some worse and most of us much better~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

it looked like a tent, now it looks a bit more like a house with a door and windows, when i’ve previewed, by the time it posts, then goodness knows, ,which is what i was after but thought a tent’s easier … being lazy!… i’ll play some more all days when ever thre’s no rush 9today’s playlist…In Utero, Nirvana….ongoing…