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Long overdue… the study of poetry, for me personally. I enjoy a challenge and I’m looking forward to the assignments and also to participating in another online community, now Blogging 201 has essentially finished – although I need to review and revisit my learning of those topics encountered along the way. I’m glad the blogging University course assignments are open to adaption to suit individual learner goals and thus flexible, accessible and non-pressured so I don’t have to feel like i’ve failed in any way at all and can appreciate every progresive step however small. I’ll maybe get around to making a front page hub here and try and get this blog organised a bit better for this larking around with poetics, but I’ve missed just getting on with writing stuff on and off for most of the last few weeks and so am itching to just write more.

Long overdue too, the overhaul of this blog’s layout and appearance, which I really should have been tackling during Blogging 201 course assignments, but hey-ho and never mind. I had intended adding a custom header but quite like sticking with the long hall for now, while the focus will be on writing – or at least attempting – poetry. There are plenty of other tweaks and improvements I need to make to this blog too, but it’d be such a distraction while now my to do list really IS blocking my front door for yet another fortnight.

I’m also taking part in a group authored blog  as a direct result of the Blogging 201 course, and celebrating after party style – so at least I’ve somewhere to take a break from study time.

I have been known to knock out the odd verse very occasionally but have no knowledge or understanding of poetry technically and neither am I well-practised in the art. I remember being able to write poems at primary school fine, but we weren’t taught poetry acamedically and I don’t remember there being any rules much, if at all. Secondary school was different and spoiled everything. I skipped most English lessons from about the age of twelve as I couldn’t write on demand to a pre-set format or remember the academic terms. I did well in my final English exam regardless, much to the annoyance of the teacher who’d tried to block my exam entrance,”You’re never going to pass an exam without attending my class and by not doing the homework I’m giving you!” I still remember meeting her in the corridor the day of receiving my exam results and really shouldn’t have gloated so as I waved my results slip and almost jumped for joy for proving her so wrong.

I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that in case there’s youngsters who might catch sight of it, but there, I’ve written it now and it is a fact that I couldn’t have achieved higher than the top grade I received by going to her class or doing her homework.

So, at least Blogging University’s nothing like school and I’ll be very glad to join class- I’m quite gob-smacked that there’s allegedly 1400 of us registered to take the course though, but wonder how many will turn up amongst the active participating community, not that that’s especially important.

I’ve managed ONE poem in recent weeks that I saved to draft on my other creative writing (practice) blog so I’ll move that first “poem” here to remind myself this blog is now primarily for poetry purposes… even though I’m still not convinced that it IS actually a poem, but my poet friend Colleen insists it is and it was her prod that led me to take on this next course.

I imagine I’ll fail to get to grips with incorporating the academic modes of poetry writing suggested and I’ll certainly struggle to remember them without referencing back. So even if I don’t make the grade as an academic student of poetry or English, whether language or literature, because I just can’t retain certain types of information to repeat stuff parrot fashion, I’ll look forward to sliding the slippery slope of freestyling my way through and just try and practice something poetic every day as another way of practising writing. At the end of one course and the beginning of another, all at once, a fortnight seems like both a very long time and an extremely brief time,  as if peering into a kaleidoscope as the view draws itself in and expands… so playtime ahead, wey-hey 🙂