Below, written by myself on 22nd January, 2015  is an example of “poetry”, apparently, according to a poet friend of mine. I wrote it toward an environment focussed reflective art group blog, but  that’s stuck in a development phase  for a while yet. I’ll showcase it here to prove how dreadful I am really at poetry, but I don’t mind because however poor a poem, it’s a great way to play!

Besides which, I don’t have another example of my own poetic work to show, until we start working with Writing 201 Poetry assignments – unless I can get a Blogging 201 colleague to give permission to share an impromptu collaboration of more conventional rhyme from earlier this weekend…

poem (untitled)

Loosely aimed,

not aimless.

Creative and contemporary,

art or not.


with, and from, nothing,


Still, concrete.



Ripple to tide

there and back

over and over.

Both source and sourced.


Regenerate, rejuvenate.

Energy, Power, Climate.


original work, all rights reserved: stu_0_6bloc9
copyright for personal and educational use only

I’ve been warned I really must put some kind of copyright declaration on my “work” – I’m in two minds about such notions and kind of whince when I see them while reading anything of mine or of other writers -as if WHY would anyone want to “steal” such a thing- and is if anyone might somehow profit ! I also imagine the majority of people just DON’T plagiarise – and a copyright notice spoils the clean look and seems a bit stupid for just a few words thrown together to try and make some point or another

And I must credit another artistic / creative associate, Summar Telsie, for showing me her central-aligned presentation of words to make these droplets – it’s a style she uses often and it was her suggestion to make it look better on a page with insistence that she in nO way owns the style of centrally-aligning a few words to make  a pleasing shape and she won’t at all feel like I’ve copied one of her many ways of working – she might even be pleased as punch that I’ve publically applied one of her principles and put out a little droplet myself…