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I’m not going to beat myself up for failing to keep up with daily tasks for blogging 201 – I had wondered if blogging 101 would more my level but looking at a previous pdf version thought the workload, technical content and a four week commitment was too much.

I’m going to have continue this blogging 201 attempt in a light-weight version of participation. Having to put in extra effort looking for viable work and trawling vacancies for up to forty hours a week is so draining I’ve not been able to wash up for a week and have eaten just one near proper meal in that time (if you can call soaking soya mince and bulgar wheat and throwing them in with heating half a tin of soup a proper meal – although that makes me sound ungrateful for what was in fact a fairly decent meal if lacking vitamin content.)

I don’t wish to write a “woe is me” kind of blog and am looking forward to poetry starting next week to have a less stressful distraction -although I am worried about adapting to academic type constraints for writing. I’m not a practised poet, I mostly (occasionally) free-write.

It has to be said I’m very out of practice and inconsistent and lack proficiency with formal writing whether fiction or non-fiction. I’m not usually a poetry kind of person either but I’ve knocked out  couple of efforts lately that my poet-friend Colleen insists ARE poetry and she recommended taking up the challenge of learning more about poetry as a therapeutic break from the stress of the everyday – and as a means of providing content to practice technicalities of blogging with.

My first goal, to establish a daily blogging habit has so far failed to be achieved for lack of concentration and stamina after a hard-day’s work job-hunting online (this goal set last week before mostly disappearing from the blogosphere and failing to keep up with the remaining week’s set tasks for blogging.

Perhaps I’ve been put off by unfamiliarity with the processes necessary in the tasks set, although I’ve managed to do some of things in my other blogs already. I’ve been hyper-stressed with JSA compliancy, missed an early morning appointment and worried to death by the potential consequences,  while deliberately set up to fail as they know early to mid-mornings are impossible because of the effects of my disabilities.

I’ve managed to take more than the minimum two steps for compliancy and spent over forty hours looking for work in the last week (while none within my limitations appears to exist). I was hoping learning blogging and practising organising web-content might add to my skills base, but essentially blogging seems a hobbyist activity and not something that might help in a job. And internet browsing using a computer isn’t a skill you spot in paid jobs, doesn’t really count as “using a computer” for work purposes and such intense use gives me a headache…

I  must be old-fashioned and wish there were still job centres of the old variety, where you could walk in off the street and look at the boards and ask a question or get help from any member of staff not already with a “client”. Since the last time I was in a JCP office, just over a year ago, service provision has narrowed further – you can no longer use the phones to freephone about a benefit enquiry or a missed appointment or get advice if not your assigned JCP office apparently, unless I was fobbed off (and I’m sure all JCP staff are mandated to fobbing off training).


So, apart from setting goals for blogging 201 first task, I’ve not been able to actually achieve any of the goals I set … establish a daily blogging routine- failed! …participate in blogging 201 community – failed!…  regularly review and revise goals… well, there’s still time I suppose…. and I’ve only today got back to wordpress to look at the rest of the week’s task… definitely the wrong time to try and take on board the new learning that blogging 201 entails!

Every day last week was “one of those days”. Concentration lacking, consumed with worry, the whole day frittered away to stress and seemingly pointless job-hunting. For a change, I managed the washing up, so no longer a stack of dirty dishes to look forward to (it’s an exciting life I lead, ever homewardbound). But that was last Monday and I managed no more since and so yet again have a stack backed up to do.

I was looking forward to a “course” (blogging201) but lost track with the blogs I already started, have some issues to resolve that won’t take much but was saving for a better concentration phase, that I hope I’ll be having this evening, after the washing up and heating some food, soup being flavour of the moment.

So I started this blog for the purpose of blogging 201, but think I’ll make it my dedicated poetry 201 blog instead and be late practising some of the blogging 201 tasks with it … and maybe catch up with my other blogs in the meantime, maybe try and set REALISTIC goals within each one and then just enjoy playing for a while for a change… and stop stressing about daily tasks… Hopefully…
So after a week of failing to participate enough while life demands took over,  establishing a daily writing/blogging habit and revisiting and setting goals for each individual blog already created has to remain top of my goals list. I’ll aim to play with and tweak this blog’s appearance by the weekend – including a personal/customised header – ready to make it a welcoming and accessible place for my poetry efforts for the following two weeks (and THEN prioritise daily participation(!) and the third goal is definitely to stop stressing about daily tasks!