Way back when…


… we were chatting about header changes, we toyed with the idea of

  • randomised headers (and how does that help or hinder visual identity?)
  • not having  a header at all and relying on title and tagline text…
  • using our unique identifying headers as banners at the top or bottom of each post to clarify who is posting this…

So, if the header was replaced or removed, Stu could insert his header image to use this previous banner as a means of visually identifying his posts to readers…


… and  I’d have to decide whether to use my previous header from The Wishing Well, or if that’s confusing and just make a new one – I’d prefer an author icon displayed on each post, some themes display them very clearly. In the Chateau theme, readers might not spot who has posted this (though it states ‘posted by…’ near the top of the posts.

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While the cat’s away…


Way back in time, longer back than I can believe, I was asked to give Snailzpace Daily a visual revamp – including potentially a change of theme. I still haven’t gotten around to it. Part of the trouble is that changing a theme always has impacts on your blog that you haven’t anticipated.

Stu uses this space as a ‘rough-workbook-type-blog’ and that is all he wants from it. If the blog has a theme change he still wants something that’s a lot like this one. I almost made a test blog to try out some ideas but it’s an awful lot of wasted time if it’s not the right change to make…

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Threewordsaday 2016 day53



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Don’t worry, my poem below isn’t based on a current romance but is a reflective satirical fiction loosely based on my ex (which is why I use a pen-name to blog and write!)

From todays prompt:

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